Performance Testing Service

We can provide high-precision testing services, such as test condition consulting, planning, execution and reporting on evaluations of batteries for various vehicular uses, energy accumulation, and consumer products. Our services — based on our over 20-year performance and experience in the development and manufacturing of cyclers for rechargeable batteries — have satisfied our customers' requirements for reliability.

Battery analysis(performance & deterioration) / Battery evaluation test / Battery performance checker

Introduction to our Power Supply Equipment

With a wide variety of power supply units available, we use the most appropriate model for each customer's testing requirements to ensure highly accurate and reproducible testing.

ISO/IEC17025-certified contract evaluation testing laboratory/Optimal testing equipment for a wide range of test conditions./One of the largest stock of testing terminals (over 2,000) in Japan

Specifications for battery evaluation test equipment

We have a wide variety of cyclers similar to those owned by our customers. This guarantees high compatibility and repeatability by avoiding variations in test precision caused by differences in machine specifications.
(After receiving your order, we will prove schedule of feasibility in testing)

Cycler specifications

  • 5V-1A
  • 5V-3A
  • 5V-6A
  • 5V-10A
  • 5V-30A
  • 5V-240A
  • 5V-360A
  • 5V-400A
  • 5V-480A
  • 60V-300A(Ripple superimposition supported)
  • 100V-400A
  • 100V-800A

Chamber specifications

  • 100L -20~85℃
  • 200L -50~150℃
  • 400L -40~100℃
  • 800L -40~100℃

Note: This is the controllable temperature range for air in the chamber. Please consult with us about reasonable test conditions for battery cell temperatures.

We are always ready to accommodate your various testing requirements.

Test items for lithium-ion batteries (examples)

  • Endurance tests
  • Characteristics test
  • Testing service process (example)
  • Testing Result
  • Testing Result
  • Testing Result

Provision of New Value Global-Tech's Strengths Provision of New Value

Provision of new value by leveraging the knowledge we have accumulated on evaluation techniques through battery testing
  • ◎ Provision of evaluation methods suited to the customers' requirements based on the batteries' fundamental electrical characteristics
  • ◎ Analysis and explanation of measurement data regarding fundamental electrical characteristics
  • ◎ Analysis and explanation of internal battery status to enable optimized system control (longevity and safety)
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