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Global-Tech Co., Ltd.



 Since establishment of our company in 2003, we have been addressing the requirements from our customers in the field of batteries and energy production industry by providing our solutions for design and manufacturing, especially of test equipment for Lithium-ion batteries. In 2015, we started testing service for rechargeable batteries by utilizing our know-how fostered through the test equipment design/manufacturing business.

 Deep appreciations come from my mind when thinking about our business history and relationship with you who have been very kind and patient in some business collaborations.

 And I believe that energy accumulation devices and batteries which are regarded as a key technology to sustain clean and healthy environment in earth, will strongly expand their demand in our global society and various industries.

 I hope our company will be able to contribute to our society by constantly striving to support your business prosperity and play a role in the development of battery energy industry.

 Finally we hope you will continuously provide us with support and encouragement as a business partner.


Kazushi Otsuka

Activities on ISO/IEC 17025(Testing)

 Since April 2016, when we opened our Technical Support Center, we have been continuously addressing quality improving activities to establish a quality management system compliant with the International Standards - ISO/IEC 17025.

 In July 2017, our laboratory was accredited for the Standard through the assessment conducted by Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc.(Organization accredited:Global-tech Ltd. Technical Support Center, Accreditation No.:90789) International standard ISO/IEC 17025 is a requirement for verification of adequacy of the controlling and monitoring system in all the processes related to quality (precision) of services. We need to demonstrate that the precision of the testing subject to the accreditation has been achieved.

 However, accreditation of the standards is not our final target. On the basis of the international quality standards we learned in the process of accreditation assessments, all of our staff will keep pursuing to achieve even higher-quality testing services.

Quality Policy in Quality Manual

 Global Tech, placing battery testing services at the core of the business, shall provide industry leading, safe and high quality testing services.
For the purpose above, the company shall establish, operate and continuously improve the Quality Management System of the testing services in compliant with ISO/IEC 17025:2017.
The concrete actions for improving reliability of testing results shall include the following:

  • 1)Grasping the performance of testing and making proposal for improvement through validation of the equipment
  • 2)Introducing and applying the most advanced measurement techniques for evaluation of batteries
  • 3)Giving thorough training to achieve higher level standardization of personnel's skill and techniques
  • 4)Having personnel completely understand quality documents and strictly observe the policy and procedures

Quality Management System for Testing Services

 Monitoring testing processes as well as maintaining staff and equipment /facility to support them in a good state are basis of quality. At Global-Tech, our quality assurance function controls information from each site to share with Top Management through close communication. Our organization's target is to enable each personnel to develop as well as ensure a culture of openness in the workplace. Each member must have constant awareness of improvement and be ready to make suggestions, and Top Management must quickly address such suggestions from the bottom.

 We also target to establish the system to quickly response to defects and eliminate time loss through collaboration with equipment manufacturers from the stage of development.

Corporate Profile

Name of company
Global-Tech Co., Ltd.
Subsidiary Company
Global-Tech Technical Support Co., Ltd.

【Head Office】
Chiyoda Building, West-wing 8F, Osaka, 5-8, Umeda 2-chome, Kita-ku, Japan
TEL: +81-6-6348-8839 FAX: +81-6-6438-8840

【Sales Office in Tokyo】
VORT Nihonbashi-I 7F, Tokyo, 9-4, Nihonnbashi 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Japan
TEL: +81-3-6262-7400 FAX: +81-3-6262-7401

【Technical Support Center】
Hyogo, 5-16, Minamiyama 6-chome, Kato-shi, Japan
TEL: +81-795-47-0081 FAX: +81-795-47-0082

October, 2003
35 million yen
Kazushi Otsuka
Japan Finance Corporation, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Senshu Ikeda Bank, Ltd., Awa Bank, Ltd.
Business Activities
Charge/discharge test service for rechargeable batteries, Design and sales of non-destructive testers, Manufacturing and sales of radiation detectors, Development and sales of various battery testers and battery materials, Sales of equipment of battery manufacturing and prototyping, Consultation by battery engineer