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Global-Tech Co., Ltd.

Equipment for R&D
for rechargeable batteries

Since application of rechargeable batteries are continuously and globally expanding, ensuring safety is essential.
We design and manufacture testing/inspection equipment based on your requirements for testing.

  • 1Charge/discharge cycler (charge/discharge tester)
  • 2Thermal chamber, custom Thermal chamber, Heat-shock tester
  • 3Electrode thickness measuring device / non-contact inline X-ray or β-ray tester
  • 4Safety evaluation tester (Nail penetration, drop test, vibration test, overcharge test)
  • 5X-ray tester, 3 dimension X-ray tester
Development and sales of custom testing equipment

We provide the best matching of requirements and specifications backed by our long-time experience in testing equipment development and testing services.
Our target is not only to provide testing equipment, but to examine and enhance our customers' requirements for <testing> to explore the best suited suggestions and services.
We are responding to customers' requests with high sensitivity and enhancing ourselves vigorously and stringently in cooperation with our partner manufacturers.

Example:Vertical two rooms thermal chamber with cascade refrigerator


  • Broad range temperature control with high precision
  • Testing under multiple conditions with limited number of samples
  • Space-saving installation
  • Energy-saving
  • Interaction with cycler
  • Safety (Risk reduction at emergency)
  • Long term stability

Specifications / characteristics

  • R404A-R23 refrigerant, cascade refrigerator
    -50 to 100℃, precision of ±1℃
    101 to 150℃, precision of ±2℃
  • Vertical two chambers controlled independently
  • Exhaust from top face directed upward (with a duct)
  • Programmed operation by synchronous communication
  • Emergency stops when gas or high temperatures are detected
  • Interlocking specifications
  • Carbon dioxide automatic extinguishing system, safety enhanced door
  • Various frost prevention measures

Example:Automatic water extinguishing system

Example:Charge/discharge cassette for high current battery cells

Example:Impact tester

Example:Cycler capable of temporal high current

Example:Automatic calibrator for cycler

We are always ready to serve
your various requirements for testing.

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